Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello ad Welcome to my new blog!

I decided to do a blog that would feature new patterns being created here on the farm by me. tada!

I love living in my 100 year old barn and trying to work to make it a beautiful and warm place to come home to. My children are nearly grown and, to put it simply, I need things to do. I love to paint and sew and the inspiration for everything I do is what I am surrounded by.

My farm lies on the gently rolling hills of north western Illinois, just sought of where the glaciers stopped way back when.

Our weather is a little harsh at times. Once in a great while, the sheriff has been know to get on his snow mobile to close roads during really tough snowstorms. There are the occasional tornado warnings. To put it simply, we respect nature. Amish live north of us in Wisconsin and when I go to the bulk food store there, we give each other hugs. I have learned a lot form them.

My goal in everything I do is to keep it simply and inviting. Make people feel at home so that my home is a place of comfort and love. I hope that is reflected in what I do.

I also respect those who have come before us. My great grandfather, Julius Martin Kringel, homesteaded in both Minnesota and Iowa. It is his kindness and respect for people and his work ethic that have influenced me immensely.

New patterns will be announced here as well as featuring customer favorites.

Welcome to Prairie Harvest Arts.



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