Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A brand new pattern _ANGELS, with Faith, Hope and Love

I recently finished these sweet angels and now have finished the pattern. They would be perfect for year rounds decorating. There is always room for more Faith, Hope and Love. Use them on trees, gifts or on cabinet knobs. Very versatile. If you wish, add some mica flakes to give them a prim and shiny look.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The fun in my life!!!

Here on the farm we raise sheep and llamas. Our horses are also a big part of our lives. They are friends and help us get our work done. It is a lot more fun to ride horse along the fence line to see if it need fixing, thank drive a vehicle to get the job done. Besides, on cold days a horse can help keep you warm when that autumn or winter wind blows your way.

Maybe I will make a llama pattern soon...... just thinking out loud!


Monday, August 3, 2009

It's still summer and is always good to say welcome- Nautical Style

A fun way to say welcome to guests and friends, this is a nautical flag garland that says "Welcome" with international flag symbols. Along with the instructions for the garland, are instructions for flag pillow ornies. Also paint pallets are given for both a primitive and cottage chic look to accommodate many decorating styles. Also they can be aged or left looking fresh.

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Some of my inspiration

These people are my great grandparents, Julius and Amelia Kringel. They were truly great Danes who came to the United States at very young ages and proceeded to homestead in both Minnesota and Iowa.

Julius believed in family and hard work. Amelia believed in the same and was know for her fine sewing and hand work. It is said she made the finest soap in Shelby County, Iowa.

She was able to pass her love and pride in her workmanship to my mother, who in turn taught me so much of what I know. Thanks to the people who go before us and it is to them that I ow so much of what I am. Thanks

Love Barb